Alopecia Update

It’s been a little while now since my dermatologist confirmed that I have alopecia areata, which basically means that I have spontaneous bald patches all over my head. I currently have four big patches which I treat nightly with Elocon lotion* after getting several injections into my scalp.

The largest of these patches, and my biggest concern on a day-to-day styling basis, is right on the crown of my head where a part would usually finish. The last time I posted a photo I still didn’t know for sure what was causing it and there was no hair to be seen in the patch. It was shiny and bare. The skin on my scalp was even whiter than my legs – I didn’t think that was possible.

But now the hair is starting to come back. Just as the dermatologist said, the hair that’s growing in is wispy and has baby hair like qualities.
Personally, I think it looks like the first appearance of teenage girl armpit hair. But then, I haven’t exactly seen t up close in person… The camera, however, has been mighty helpful. As has the amazing boyfriend who has been taking these photos and doesn’t seem to mind that he lives with Friar Tuck.


Grossed out enough? I doubt it, these pictures are mild compared to other (far more important, and heartfelt) posts tagged as “health” on WordPress.

Gah! Side tracked – I had a point, though I’m not sure what it is now. But in a nutshell: the hair’s coming back. Slowly.

* the doctor said that this lotion was fine to use at any time of the day as it is alcohol based and shouldn’t make your hair greasy. Lies. It makes my hair and scalp so greasy I have no choice but to apply it once I get home from work and wash my hair before leaving the next morning. In the in-between times I look like I’ve been dragged across the bottom of a lake. And it itches. And smells funky. But it’s working!

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