Breaking It Down: The Goals, Pt II

The only thing better than walking home along the Wellington waterfront at night is walking along the Wellington waterfront on a clear, sunny day with friends.

So, rather than update my list of current goals to make up 10 relatively superficial goals, I’m only adding one more: complete the Adidas 10km walk on 24 June 2012.

My work is entering teams in each of the events held as part of the Armstrong Motor Group Wellington Marathon next month, including the 10km walk.

Why I’m excited about it:

    1) It’s my first organised running/walking sports event since high school cross country – it is something completely outside of my normal habits.

    2) Work’s paying, and supplying running singlets. I never joined any of the firm’s sports teams, so this will be my first workplace branded gear – almost unheard of for someone that’s been there over a year (I like my workplace and really, really want a shirt… It’s not sad at all!)

    3) My first event-branded shirt, too! Since work is paying my entrance fee, I can splurge on an event t-shirt (and add to my limited collection of gym gear!)

    4) I’m keen to get involved in next year’s Around the Bays 7km run and this feels like a good starting point since I’m a confident walker and still working on my running…

It’ll be good!
But I guess it’s time to invest in some decent shoes.

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