It’s a Small World

…unless you’re traveling to the other side of it. But that’s all part of the adventure!


We’re going on a holiday! We went and saw our travel agent today to try and firm up our flights for the end of the year.

New Zealand’s a long way from anywhere so we’ve really got to try and make the most out of any long distance travel. This often means packing in a lot of stops in the time available. We have a very busy 5 weeks planned for the Christmas/New Year break…

    … fly into Los Angeles…

      … Christmas in Las Vegas …

        … New Years in New York City (Times Square, anyone?) …

          … London, and possibly a night in Edinburgh…

            … Munich for several nights Bavarian awesomeness…

              … overnight train to Amsterdam…

                … sightseeing in Paris, and…

                  … stop off in San Francisco on the way home.

See – it’ll be all go for 5 weeks of very exciting travel.

We’ve both travelled before, but to different places. I did London, Paris and a Contiki around Italy just over a year ago. The Boyfriend lived in Canada for a short while a couple of years ago and saw a bit of North America. We both had things we really wanted to show the other, and each of us had burning desires to see some of the awesome places the other had talked about so often. I think our current itinerary addresses a lot of those.

And what better time to do than while we’re young, happy, and still have disposable incomes?

There are a hundred and one different things that each of us want to see and I don’t think we’ll be able to fit everything in. Actually, I know we won’t.

So do you have any recommendations or suggestions for things we just have to see?

Are you a local in these areas? Is there something that epitomizes your city that tourists just aren’t aware of (yet)?

Or, perhaps more importantly, is there anything that we should avoid at all costs?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Small World

  1. Hi, you recently liked my blog, and I am having so much fun reading yours. I saw you’re heading to Vegas at Christmas. It’s my home town!
    Few things you must do to enjoy vegas!
    1) don’t rent a car, get a bus pass for the strip for the duration of your stay. Far cheaper than a car, the buses in vegas come every 5 minutes, and they can navigate the streets better and you never have to pay for parking.
    2) Get the buffet pass, there re 9 or 10 casinos that participate, including the Rio Carnival World Buffet and the AMAZING buffet at the Paris. It’s like $35 or $40, but you get to eat at any of the buffets over several days, and it more than pays for itself, especially dinner, which can be $28 at these buffets alone.
    3) Go to downtown, the North end of the strip, and see the Freemont Street Experience, a covered sidewalk where the underside is all light panels. The put on a beautiful free show and often have street performers during Christmas.
    4) Go into the Bellagio and see the Chihuly glass ceiling installations. They are exquisite, and a riot of color and light.
    Other free things to enjoy:
    The water fountain show outside the Bellagio
    The Greek Gods Light and Anamatronics show in the Ceasar’s Palace Forum Shops Mall
    The Volcano Irruptions outside the Mirage Hotel
    5) Drink lots of water, LOTS of WATER, and plan to do most of your outdoor explorations between 4pm and 5am. This city really comes alive at night.
    6) BRING YOUR BEST WALKING SHOES. Don’t worry if they don’t go with your outfit. The casinos are designed so that you have to go comepletely though gaming areas to get to shopping and attractions. You will do a LOT of walking.
    7) Shows I would recommend:
    Any of the 3 or 4 Circque Du Soleil shows on the strip
    The Blue Man Group- with your taste in music you will love this mind blowing sensory experience
    Chris Angel’s hard core Magic show.
    8) Take lots of pictures…but remember…what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

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