CrossFit – A Layperson’s Guide to What the Heck’s Going On

It seems that everywhere you look on the internet there’s someone sprouting on about their latest CrossFit experience – but what the ?$#! is CrossFit?  As the weather outside is currently horrible and I’ve declared today a rest day, I figured it’s a good time to investigate things further…

Keep Calm and Do CrossFit

So what is it?

CrossFit’s an approach to group training.  The CrossFit Journal describes it as a series of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements(they have their own journal guys!).  From most of the things I’ve read, “intense” is a good description.

The group training aspect is certainly one of the key points of the programme, too.  Every article or discussion I’ve read has referred to the sense of community that’s alive and kicking in these gyms.  While I haven’t tried it myself, I certainly believe it – small groups of people working together for continuous improvement.  That’s some serious bonding right there.  Along with the competition. Each session is a different Workout of the Day (“WOD” – yes, that’s what that starts for!).  The workouts focus on all areas of the body through various different types of exercise.  Wikipedia has a list of the common exercises here if you’re after specifics.  Needless to say it’s far from a session on the elliptical.

The impression I get is that it’s something not easily described in words.  I’m sure there are fundamental points that I’m missing, having never been to a session.  

“The best way to really understand what CrossFit is about is to try it.”Crossfit Central Wellington

So how about you – have you tried CrossFit?
Is there something you want the rest of us to know?
Or do you agree, you just have to try it?

Where can you do it?

From what I can tell, despite the abundance of gyms in Wellington city, there aren’t many places that offer CrossFit.

If you’re in the Wellington area and looking for a CrossFit gym, check out:

Is it for me?

Honestly, probably not right now.  Will it ever be?  I hope so.

I’m currently head over heels that I was able to work the rowing machine for five continuous minutes once.  I’ve got plenty to work on already.  Though I’d love to get to the stage when I’m looking for the next level of challenges.  I’m quite content (read:  nervous enough) working on basic cardio and getting into my Couch to 5k programme.

One thought on “CrossFit – A Layperson’s Guide to What the Heck’s Going On

  1. Can I offer a piece of unsolicited advice? Do it. If CrossFit intrigues you, go sign up. Most gyms offer a fundamentals class of some sort. It doesn’t matter if you have a base or not, because nothing really prepares you for it anyway. It’s going to suck. Bad. And you will love it.

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