Surviving the Rest Day

Today was the first rest day since Saturday and boy was it a struggle. I had to hold myself back on several occasions from planning what I was going to do at the gym tonight because I was not actually going to go. But I so dearly wanted to.

Instead, I ate a nice meal out with The Boyfriend which was the perfect alternative. An ideal day would, of course, involve both.

Fighting the feeling throughout the day was a little like waking up on a Saturday and having a brief freak-out that it’s a weekday and you’re late for work. Except the reality didn’t bring the same relief that comes with settling back into bed and drawing the covers in closer for some much deserved snuggling and warmth. So maybe it’s more like waking up looking forward to meeting up with mates at the park only to realize dad accidentally ran over your bike while you were sleeping.

Logically, I understand the need for rest days – especially as I keep going with my goals.
But the emotional tug when you’re plunged back into reality? Not a fan.

So how do you do it?
Do you count down to rest days like office workers do for public holidays?
Or are you in the same boat – lost for what to do with yourself?

It’s just gone 9pm here and I’m already in bed with the electric blanket on and the duvet around my shoulders. I could get used to this. But I’m not sure I want to.

3 thoughts on “Surviving the Rest Day

  1. If you are missing training on your “rest” day, then I suggest keeping a handle on how hard and often you train. A rest day is part of the training regime. When I did weight seriously, I’d train hard for 5 weeks and take a whole week off. That was hard until I realised that without the week rest, my performance and progress slowed. Getting addicted to training is as bad as any other addiction – perhaps worse. But don’t let this over shadow your overall successes. Well done you for your efforts and results to date.

  2. As someone who started her wellness goals with a “Get out and move” mentality, and a husband who is dragging a leash tied to am imaginary dog that he will only get by making me walk, it took us two weeks to realize we had to PLAN rest days into our schedule, or we were going kill ourselves (Or at least cause damage to tendons). I am still at a point in my early relationship to exercise that I look forward to rest days. Looking forward to seeing when that finally changes.

    • Haha, I feel like I’ve had the opposite reaction to exercise – it only early days for me, too, but I feel like I’m stuck in the “honeymoon” period where I can’t get enough of it!

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