Amy Tries Skinny Jeans

Anyone who knows me beyond these brief encounters on the internet knows that I dislike skinny jeans. The words ‘loathe’, ‘detest’ and ‘hate’ may have also been used.

But the tide appears to have turned. I think they’re a little bit awesome now. Shhh, don’t tell my mother.

Why have I changed my mind? Because I don’t feel so jealous of the gorgeous women wearing them, I guess. How many people feel, or felt, the same way? Not just about skinny jeans, about anything you (perhaps secretly) thought you had absolutely no chance of achieving?

To all you lovely ladies rocking skinny jeans – you to girl! Rock those pins! Show off that butt! Make the rest of the world jealous. But must of all, wear them with confidence.

Men, am I right?

Given recent events, I tried a pair on today. A pair of Levi’s bold curve skinny jeans. Ā I grabbed a couple of (larger) sizes, looking over my shoulder to make sure no one I knew was watching, and wandered hesitantly toward the changing room. I was prepared in case someone questioned me on the way; “they’re not for me, my cousin asked me to get them for her” (though my cousin’s 14, tall and has thighs quite unlike my own).

Safely in the changing room, I exhaled with relief (and, to be honest, with the hope that it’d make it a little easier to get into the pants).

One foot in after another and pulling the pants up towards my hips I realized the first pair was too big. Please just let me relive that for just a second. The first pair was too big. It appears the exhaling works.

The second pair – a much nicer fit.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but Internet, here are two pictures of my butt… Spot the difference.


These are the jeans I left the house in this morning. The jeans that used to fit. The jeans that now tell the world that I can’t afford new ones, because these ones have some serious saggy-action.


And these are the ones I tried on. Am I proud of the way I look in this photo? Not particularly. Am I proud of doing up the button on the pants and having the courage to post this picture on the Internet? Heck yes.

It was a life changing moment. Sure it doesn’t hold a flame to the birth of a child or the first time you met your partner. But I tried on a pair of skinny jeans. And I liked it.

Not that I purchased that pair though. Yes, we bonded. But if I sat in those pants, anyone behind me blinded by a whole lot of nasty. I bought another (cheaper) pair that successfully covered my hips and my underwear when sitting. And I’ll be needing another pair soon enough anyway – right?

6 thoughts on “Amy Tries Skinny Jeans

  1. Congrats, you look great in them! I have a pair of old jeans hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn in almost a year. I’m still afraid for now but maybe later on this summer.. šŸ™‚

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