From The Horse’s Mouth

That’s not to say that the trainer I worked with on Monday looked like a horse, she was actually stunning and had an awesome tattoo.  Also, her hair was perfect.

A friend was asking what exercises we had gone through in my session and was I able to try and explain them to her.  Rather than tell her I know nothing about exercise really, and was likely to show her how to do things wrong, I suggested she check out YouTube for examples.

Then I figured that if we were both clueless, but curious, then there must be at least one other person out there like us who is looking for something similar.  So, if you happen to be that dazzling, charismatic and altogether top-notch individual, I present you with the videos I shared with my friend (in no particular order):

Swiss ball wall squat:

Swiss ball lower abs exercise:

Push ups:


Rear leg raise:

(we added 10 ‘pumps’ – fast pumps of the leg up and down – at the end of every 10 leg raises)

Side leg raise:

(Despite what the music and the shorts suggest, this is not an adult film.  This is not a trick)

So, have you tried these before? With good results?

What else would you recommend?  If you guys share links to your favourite workout videos/sites in the comments I’ll put together a summary “go to” post to stand proud in your bookmark list!

3 thoughts on “From The Horse’s Mouth

  1. Looks like a good circuit! Personally, I find the plank to be awesome. The rear leg raises bore me, but I kind of have a strong butt. 😛 Of course push-ups are a sure winner. There are also some great workouts with the exercise ball, but I haven’t bought one yet (I don’t really have the room.) I vary my workouts every time, otherwise I get bored. I also do circuits to try to target multiple muscle groups in one session. The only thing I would add that works a lot of muscles at once and is good for heart rate is the burpee.

  2. I’ve had the best results working out by incorporating compound lifts and heavy (relative to your body weight) weights. The only thing I see with the exercises you listed is that they’re all pretty heavily targeted on the core. That’s fine, but I actually find it’s better to work your big muscle groups a ton (shoulders, chest, back, legs), and once you build a base up on those, you can add supplemental core work.

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