My Nasty Coke Habit

It’s possible. 24 hours without fizzy drinks / soda is possible.

I managed something closer to 40 hours, so clearly I can quit any time.

What on earth is she on about?

This week, as one of my goals, I wanted to go a full day without any fizzy drinks. Coke Zero is my poison of choice. My vice.
Sure, there are worse things to consume or use on a daily basis, but let’s face it – I still have an addiction. A sweet, sweet, artificially sweetened addiction. It’s perfectly legal. I’m not breaking any rules, or hurting anyone else (as far as I’m aware…).

But it’s still an addiction.

What’s so bad about it anyway?

Oh, aren’t you cute? Asking all the innocent questions! Perhaps it’s easier to answer this question instead: “What’s good about it?”
I drink this stuff daily and all I can really come up with is ‘the burning feeling I get when it fizzes down my throat’.

Guys, I like the burning feeling. It feels like it’s burning my throat. How is that a good thing?
Seriously – if its popping bubbles feel like it is burning, what the heck is it actually doing to my throat?
To my stomach?
To the rest of me?

YouTube has a lot to say about the science.  And, if I listen to my dentist, there’s more to be said about what it does to your teeth.

So what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to cut down, of course. How can you stop and look at the information and not try and do something about it? I mean, it’s only logical.
Am I going to cut it out completely? No. I have no intention of stopping. Cold turkey or otherwise. But I will cut down.

For those of you who don’t drink any of the stuff ever – good on you! That’s awesome. Especially if you used to chug it down like no one’s business. That’s quite the accomplishment. Kudos.
For those of you who don’t drink any of the stuff ever and want to tell me I should do the same – I respect your opinion, but I’m not interested in hearing it unless you can tell me something I don’t already know. I want to learn – please, send me interesting links! I love to learn. I’m open to being convinced otherwise. But I don’t want to be lectured.

Crossing the road’s dangerous too (especially at rush hour), but heck, I like going home at night – I’m willing to take that risk.
And I might twist my ankle in heels, but they make me feel powerful and feminine so I wear them when the occasion fits anyway.

“Everything in moderation”

How’s this much different?

10 thoughts on “My Nasty Coke Habit

  1. If you knew, for sure, that your favorite drink wasn’t just kinda bad for you but a poison that was slowly destroying you, would you still consider it something ok in moderation?

    Artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals, I think are far worse than we realize because they work too slowly to be noticed easily. But I could be wrong. I used to drink soda only with food. How often I had it usually depended on how often I ate out. I would drink diet dr. pepper when available to save on the calories. But I noticed it bothered my teeth more than regular, which is weird. You’d think straight up sugar would be worse, right? But it was really bad, and since I don’t want to pay to pull a tooth yet, I cut back. i also thought about the evidence starting to add up about how bad that stuff is. I mean, look at our teeth. They’re crazy strong, but the soda could hurt them so quickly! My teeth are what got me to stop drinking. I eat out very rarely where I’m not just bringing it home so I’ll need a drink. The last time I got bottled water and was much happier for it.

    I know it seems like you won’t ever stop, based on how you feel now. But once you cut back it’s a small leap to just not doing it. I’m not saying ban it. I don’t think that’s necessary. But train yourself to prefer water. It won’t take long before you do it out of habit and when you have that occasional coke you’ll notice the difference in how you feel. Zero calories doesn’t mean zero impact. It seems to me zero calories are traded for a list of chemicals you wouldn’t normally put in your body voluntarily that could be destroying you from the inside out. Why do that when you’re working so hard to get healthy otherwise?

    (totally not judging, just thoughts that may or may not help. good luck either way!)

  2. I’m glad I don’t drink soda, because so many people are in your same shoes. I’ve know a lot of people have cut back by switching to seltzer – plain or flavored. It gives that same burning bubbly feeling but without all of the other stuff that soda has.

  3. Your post made me laugh – I love my Diet Pepsi! (In college my nickname was Soda Queen.) I don’t have any direct links but my trainer cut it completely from my diet when I reached the two week point before the competition. He said the fizz will expand my stomach and also that the sodium retains water. I’m drinking water with lemons now…but I miss my damn Diet Pepsi!

  4. There are worse things than drinking Diet Coke or Coke Zero or the equivalent Pepsi versions. Drinking the same stuff with sugar! So if you can kick the sugar habit then well done!

    True, there are lots of nasty chemicals in all of the above. So if you’re interested in knowing more then I suggest you read “Sweet Poison”. A link to the website is on my blog. It can be purchased as an iBook for all you geeks, me included 😉 Kim*

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