Retail Therapy

Having done a lot (and talked to many people) over the last 8 hours, you can imagine the shock and rush of absolute embarrassment when I saw the giant clump of spinach in my front teeth. From lunch.

I have a very tooth-y smile. When I smile my whole face folds itself away and the teeth come out for show. And I like my job, I like the gym, and I like coming home to The Boyfriend. I’ve smiled a lot. With colleges, fellow gym members, and various strangers.

Enter: retail therapy. Of the online kind.
I have set the goal of treating myself to some new workout gear, have I not?
Perfect excuse!

Except, I have a wee problem. I have no idea what to buy. Can you help me out?

What I need: nothing really comes to mind (workout bottoms still fit for now, and I can wear my tops baggy).
What I have: I’ve already invested in a couple of pairs of trainers, including one especially for running. I’ve also got an exercise/yoga mat, Swiss ball and 1kg & 2kg dumbbells. Sports bras are currently kicking butt, too.
Budget: up to NZ$100 (about US$75-80). I might be able to spend a little more if it’s a real investment, but it will take a lot of convincing.

So what are some suggestions?
I’m not overly fussed whether it’s clothing or equipment, as long as it is something I will actually use!

Below are some pictures of gear that have been making my hand inch closer and closer to the purse this evening:


7 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. I love my POLAR watch. Love, love, love it! It helps me to slow down on the day that I’m doing a LSR (long low run) and pace myself and then speed up on the day I’m looking to push myself to the limit.

    It also tells me my MHR (maximum heart rate) at the end if the hard run which is useful information if you’re looking to workout in the different zones.

    Finally, it tells me my RHR (resting heart rate) which is a very useful indicator of improving physical fitness. Kim*

  2. In regards to that pink water bottle, do you have a Camelbak? It’s my favorite brand of water bottle. Durable, fun, useful. I tend to find myself drinking much more water with it. You should look into one of those!

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