All Dressed Up

Right-oh!  I’m all dressed up to head out of the house and to a friend’s engagement party (again with the question – when did we get so old?!).  Got the pretty new clothes – ones I would have never worn six months ago, including the skinny jeans I bought a couple of weeks ago.   Got the red bull vodka – in a wine glass to appear classy.  And I’ve got the Chanel No.5 (like a good girl should).

The one thing I don’t have?  A warm jacket fitting of the occasion.  Or, a nice, warm, jacket that fits and I can wear into the city on such a cold night.  Because it’s cold.  Not lose-a-limb cold, because we don’t get that here, but it’s cold cold.  Like purple fingers cold.  And I think I’ll probably venture out in a (thick-ish) red cotton coat I bought for the Wellington summer.   Oh boy.

It doesn’t snow in Wellington.  Well, it did last year.  But that was the exception (and no one was able to handle it).

It should snow in Wellington.
Why?  My alcohol blanket’s no where warm enough for this, and I may as well get cute pictures.  (Snow!)

4 thoughts on “All Dressed Up

  1. It doesn’t exactly snow here either, but when it drops below a certain temperature suddenly everyone thinks it’s an ice age… Today, with the heat index, it supposedly feels about 117 degrees but what can ya do? Only a few months ago everyone was complaining about it being too cold.
    But I just thought that I’d let you know, I nominated you for the one lovely blog award,
    You can check it out at

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