Fave Rave: My Favourite Medicine

Would you exercise for just 30 minutes a day just because you know it’s good for you?  Okay, so you’re probably the wrong type of person to be pitching this to – you’ve searched the internet for fitness blog posts and have ended up here – you’re already conscious of the fact that exercise is good.  Fitness is good.  Healthy is great.

But so many think of exercise as a chore that they don’t have the time for.  That it’s something to be fit in among everything else.  Yes, sure, it is in a way.  If you don’t love it that’s alright – that was me for the last, oh, decade.  It’s still good for you, and it’s still something important that needs to get done.

How many people would look at it differently if you told them that for half an hour of exercise, they could have 23 and a half hours of free time to do with as they like?

Dr. Mike Evans over at My Favourite Medicine puts that exact concept to the world in this excellent video:

If you don’t have the time to watch it now, I highly recommend you bookmark it to watch later – the illustrations are fantastic, and Dr. Evans’ talk is fast paced enough that it doesn’t feel like a lecture (though you can learn a lot).

He’s got a few videos over on his website (which you should bookmark, too), including this one below which I found particularly interesting and probably more topical given my recent situation and take on life:

As you can see, this one rocks the awesome illustrations, too.

Amongst others, Dr. Evans’ website got me thinking – the internet is this huge resource of videos, pictures, essays, audio files, articles, etc, but what good is all that if you don’t actually do it?  You can research all you want, read every magazine on sale and subscribe to every podcast available, but these alone won’t get you change.  It won’t achieve your goals (unless your goal was to read every magazine available).  But they can serve as excellent motivators when in the right form (and found at the right time).

So I put it to you:

How has the internet inspired you to start/continue working towards your goals?
What goals have you achieved with the help of internet resources?
What were the resources you found most helpful?

Take this time to gloat in the comments – show others what you’ve achieved, what you’re in the process of achieving, or what you’re working up the courage to start!  You never know, someone might come across you comment tomorrow and list you as one of their defining internet inspirations!

3 thoughts on “Fave Rave: My Favourite Medicine

  1. The internet has been my greatest asset in my on-going battle with my weight. I find the greatest inspiration in Pinterest. As trivial as it may sound, the fitness pins out there really getting you thinking and motivated. I have also found so much through WordPress and others blogs as well as my own. Blogging is a whole new level of accountability that I never knew existed. It has also been an amazing support to have people cheering you on and rooting for you. I have also benefited from other blogs so much. Between motivation, inspiration, fitness tips, and nutrition advice, the benefits are endless! Viva La Internet! 😉

    • Hear, hear! I definitely agree with you about Pinterest – it was actually a picture that simply said “You can be sore tomorrow, or you can be sorry tomorrow. YOU CHOOSE” that gave me my jump start!

  2. writing a blog has made me more conscious of what I am actually doing as opposed to what I think I’m doing. This happened a few years ago when I used to write articles for a local paper. Blogging has reawakened that awareness. Hurrah for t’internet!

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