Classic Carrot Cake

Looking at this blog’s statistics from the last week or so, it appears that quite a few people have stumbled here through Google searches for no-bake chocolate fudge. A recipe like this one.

It reminded me that I have done a lot of baking lately. What, with all my running on the spot treadmill and other profanities. And with a colleague’s birthday coming up this weekend – it was the perfect time to bake a cake.

By request, a carrot cake.

Having never made a carrot cake before, I turned to the Internet (is there any other way?) and decided on this recipe: Chelsea’s Classic Carrot Cake.

I tweaked the recipe a little bit (walnuts are expensive!), and used sultanas in cake and only a few walnuts for dressage on the top. Not sure how it tastes, but it looks and smells great.

The recipe was simple, easy to follow, and -even better- just one of many, many on Chelsea’s website. Do check it out.

In the meantime, here’s some food porn:



3 thoughts on “Classic Carrot Cake

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  2. cake should be an essential – it contains all major food groups! Ok, mixing carbs with fats is a real no-no but, c’mon! Its cake! Carrot cake is delish! Hurrah for us fitties who bake and eat cake!

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