Up And At ‘Em!

After a few moody days over the last week or so I woke up this morning, not full of energy, but with enough oomph to decide to hell with energy, today’s going to be awesome!. I leapt (okay, clambered) out of bed and threw on my gym gear (casually dressed). I was at the gym just after the doors opened at 6, ready to get on the treadmill.

6.05am and all of the treadmills are taken. But not to worry! I hadn’t used the elliptical in a while anyway. Problem solved, just a slight change of plans.

All goes well, having worked out, showered and tamed the hair before rocking up to a relatively quiet day at work. Where I find out that that weird feeling I noticed on the bus? Yeah, undies inside out.

Again, not a big problem – easy enough to go into the bathroom and sort yourself out. Unless you’re like me. I decided instead to tell various friends on our floor about it and comically waddled when only they were looking.

Spilt coffee on my skirt – rubbed it in until you couldn’t see it (both my skirt and the coffee were black anyway).

Tripped into the elevator at lunch – mimed it again when I went to get out.

Reading 50 Shades of Grey on the bus and the Kindle cleared its memory – talked to the person next to me instead.

None of these things are particularly unusual. None of these things should make or break a day. But for me, in the past, they often have.

The difference today? My attitude. Today I decided I was going to be happy, that today was going to be a good day, and I made sure that my behaviour reflected that. Do people think I’m nuts-o for the way I carried on? Probably. Do I care? Not today.

3 thoughts on “Up And At ‘Em!

  1. Well done for your positive attitude! My mom always says to me when I’m in a bad mood that I don’t have to feel that way and I can decide if I want to come out of it. She’s often right (but don’t tell her :P)

  2. Good attitude to have for sure! Why let the little things get you down when it’s the little things in life that can also give us so much pleasure? Sure, some days it seems to rain and then pour, however we need to remember that the sun is always shining – just some days it’s harder to see behind the clouds! šŸ˜‰

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