If you were to ask anyone who had known me for a long time whether I was a girly girl they would probably laugh in your face. Sure, I like to get dressed up, rock the makeup and look like I made some effort with my appearance. But I’m not about the perfect eyebrows, regular visits to the hairdressers or (if I’m being entirely honest) shaving my legs.

I wear tights to work to cover my tan-less (and apparently hairy) legs. I pluck my eyebrows when they’re bushy enough that even I can’t tell if I’m wearing eyeshadow. I brush my hair to cover the bald spots. I bite my nails.

So it was particularly uncharacteristic when, during the weekend, I thought “stuff it!” and indulged in some pampering. Gel extensions. French tips. Strangers were touching me. Judging me. Im serious – there was ‘tisk-tisk‘ing in the beginning (my nails really were that bad!).
But the whole experience was great! I felt very girly. And I love my new nails.

They’re very shiny.
They make typing quite difficult – especially on a touch screen.
I’m particularly partial to the click-clack noise they make against hard surfaces. You know, keyboards, desks, teeth.

When I look down at my hands I can’t help but feel like a million bucks.

What have you done lately, however big or small, to treat yourself?
What makes you feel like you’ve done something special, solely for your benefit?

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