200 Squats: Progress Report

There are a few people joining in with the two hundred squats challenge now, and that’s great.  How are you getting on?  Keep us updated!

As I mentioned the other day, my results from the initial test meant that I should skip the first two weeks of the programme and start at Week Three.   Since the test I’ve completed two days of the programme, and I can certainly feel it.

Week three, day one

Jumping in here after a relatively straight test the day before made for a bit of a change.  94 squats went well.  At the time.  But boy did I feel it afterwards.  Walking up the stairs was fine.  Walking down the stairs was… impossible difficult.

Week three, day two (this morning)

107 squats, according to the app.  The Boyfriend joined me for these this morning, and it was a great motivator.  After the squats this morning I didn’t struggle with sore muscles like I had the other day.  I watched my reflection from side on to make sure that I’m using the correct form.  I’m not entirely sure whether it’s the form or just getting better/used to it, but the difference is very clear.  It’s great!

So where are you at with the challenge?
Do you have any pointers?   Is there anything that could be done a little better?

And perhaps more importantly, how are your motivation levels at this stage in the piece?

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