New Records Ahoy!

Wow, guys. Talk about a welcome surprise when I signed in today after work – two new records, of sorts.


First off – 200 followers?! Y’all making me blush!

I’ve come to recognize a few of you as regular commenters – I love your comments. All of them! Especially the ones that disagree with me (who doesn’t love to hear another perspective?). Keep them coming!

But there must be a few people out there who are following who haven’t dropped us a line – we want to meet you (in the friendly, online sense – I won’t be throwing you lotion for your skin, I promise). So drop us a comment and let us know what you’re up to- even just a simple ‘hi’. I promise I’ll respond! Plus, everyone else will get a chance to check out your blog(s), too!

Secondly, yesterday saw a big spike in page views


That’s a huge jump! And seemingly attributable to yesterday’s post which I ‘umm’ed and ‘uhh’ed over for quite a while before writing (and again before posting). I’m glad I did post it in the end – not for the hits, but for the great comments that came from it! You guys have a lot to say, and it was great being able to hear your thoughts on the subject.

So, you all deserve a big thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Cheers! And for the Kiwis out there – Chur!

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