Springtime Cuties

The weather at home is disgusting. We’re talking winds taking roofs for trips down the road. It’s no hurricane, but it’s definitely enough to ruin a weekend.

So I hopped on the train yesterday and head over to the Wairarapa. Where the weather is still bad, but there are fewer flying objects.


Carterton’s Daffodil Day festival was today. The festival celebrates the start of spring and the fact that Carterton’s the ‘daffodil capital’. So though it was raining there was still plenty of pretty flowers, lamb and generally very cute spring-time stuff.


There were stalls at the park, and a craft and hobby show at the town events centre. It was very muddy. And (looking at the bright side of things) I’m staying just outside of town without a car, so there was a lot of walking.

And the best daffodils were growing on the street outside people’s houses – right between the road and the footpath.