Down To Business

Yesterday I announced to the world that I was going to run/jog 100km in the next 30 days. The idea was in my head then online within 3 minutes so that I didn’t chicken out. Apparently having personal goals stated on the internet makes you more accountable. It must have something to do with the billion-odd people who might stumble across it and laugh if you fail. Who would’ve thought?!

Anyway, I had my alarm set for 5 in the morning and I was pumped – amped, even – for my first morning run in a series of daily runs that would get me to 100km easily. No sweat. That is, I was excited when I set the alarm. When I woke up it was pouring down with rain (actually, parts of the street where I run was flooded) and my gym opens quite late in the morning, so if I waited until then I’d be late for work. So I slept in. Oh the first world dilemmas!

Work was slow and I found myself constantly daydreaming about the run that never was. After all, I didn’t get out there in the rain, like some sort of running goddess in sneakers…

…instead I slept in and arrived at work, far later than usual, looking a little more like this:

However, I was lucky enough to head home right on 5 today and managed to squeeze in some running before it got too dark (or started raining again). It started raining lightly about 25 minutes in, so I turned around and head home the most direct route available (bringing the whole thing in at only 30 minutes). Not really feeling the gym-vibe, I pulled out the exercise mat and tried doing some strength training excises from the various magazines I’ve bought but never really made the most of.

Knowing that my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired (for now anyway), I settled on Fitness magazine’s Ready, Set, Sleeveless! workout (May 2011). The iPad version of the magazine offers videos to demonstrate the fit way of performing the exercises. Watching the video intently, I made mental notes how to do the moves, paused the video and did as I had been instructed. Fine, great, nothing blew my mind, but I could feel it working the muscles it was supposed to so I was happy.

Then it came to this one:

Somehow I managed to push my leg so far up behind me that I managed to throw myself into a very tangled, slow-motion back flip. I wish someone had been there to film it solely for the ability to stomp on the recording to ensure it was never shared. How my butt managed to fling itself over my head with my arms still out as they are in the picture, I don’t know. I’m clearly missing a step in the process, but that’s all part of the story, right?

So, tell me, have you ever been in a similar situation where you’ve tried something new and just found yourself going ‘What the…?’