Long Overdue

Sorry all, it’s been a week since I last updated – not like me at all!

A lot’s been happening here, but all will be back on track soon – but until then (and because I’m too lazy to write a proper post), here’s some bullet points to help fill some of those gaps.

  • Alcohol.  There has been a lot.  But today’s been a day of (much needed) sobriety.
  • The Boyfriend’s now The Flatmate until he finds another flat.
  • Which means that the trip we had planned for the end of the year is now off.
  • So I’m going to rock on over for a whole month in the US instead.
  • The trip is going to be awesome (more to come).
  • I haven’t been keeping up with my running.  This gives me a sad face.  I will not reach my goal of 100km by 17 October.  See bullet points 1 & 2, above (I’ve been lazy).
  • However, 100km in one month is still a very achievable goal.  That I will achieve.  So my one month starts from midnight tonight (1 October – 31 October).  Eat dirt, running shoes!
  • I’ve spent the afternoon making my team mates mini bacon & egg pies for our celebratory morning tea tomorrow.  5 years old tomorrow!  (It’s an accountant joke).
  • Aaaaaaaaaand falling down stairs gives carpet burn, apparently.  So I’ve been walking around for the last day with some funky red-coloured elbows.  Don’t be jealous.  (Thankfully this had nothing to do with the first bullet point.  Or the second).

Watch out for a proper post tomorrow!