An Evening of Truths

It’s the last night of October which not only means there’s a tempting bowl of Freddos and toffee lollies sitting by my front door, but I have to tally up my running total for the month.  Because at the beginning of the month I set myself a goal100km.  By 31 October.

Honestly… I can’t have done more than 50km in the whole month.  6 of those were yesterday

I know why, too.  I’ve been distracted and haven’t been getting on the treadmill or outside nearly enough.  100km was very ambitious.  I knew that when I set the goal, but I didn’t think I would be that far off.

But I’m not giving up!  For November, I will set another goal.  But I won’t be so hard on myself (some call it being more realistic).

SO:  During November I’m challenging myself to clock up 70km.
If I accomplish that, I’ll bump it up for December.

After all, it’s about progress – isn’t it?

Zombies, Run!

After all my big talk yesterday I slept through my alarm this morning. I tell you this because I was disappointed in myself all day. That is, until I got home from work this evening and went for a run.

Last night I downloaded a new app called Zombies, Run! It’s a game designed to get you running – your helicopter has crashed on your way to a ‘safe’ zombie-less base and the zombies are fully aware of your arrival. Cue prompts to run faster. No, no, faster.
I love this app. It plays perfectly with my messed up sense of humour, and I got completely lost in the story. I caught myself instinctively looking over my shoulder several times. And was running through my old primary school while my phone had me running through a hospital, which made it strangely believable. Mini-zombies on the monkey bars, look out!

Sadly, the my predecessor-turned-zombie caught me while I was giving way to a car before bolting across the road. I was figuratively gutted until I realised that at least I wasn’t literally gutted. Then I was a little relieved.
All up I was playing the game for an hour. I certainly wasn’t running the whole hour though. I walked home from the beach the long way – up and over the hill – to make the calves feel it (and to get a good look at the view since the weather was perfect). 20121030-210556.jpgAfter you’ve completed your mission, you can continue to run/walk with the app running and collect extra supplies. You won’t get chased by zombies, but you can listen to a couple of the characters as they broadcast a radio-show out to other survivors in the area. Their banter reminds me a little of Chuck and Josh from the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

Why collect supplies? Because when you’ve finished your workout and you’re ready to check out how you did, you can use those supplies to improve your base camp – Abel Township. What’s the point in that? The better your camp, the more missions you can unlock. That means story progression and more zombie chases. Yes please.

And the app has an online run syncing service – ZombieLink – which acts as a zombie-fied mapmyrun of sorts. I haven’t explored it yet, but I will do over the next couple of days.

Nevertheless, I think I’m hooked and I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can tackle mission 2.20121030-212721.jpg
Have you tried the Zombies, Run! app? What did you think?
Do you have any tips or thoughts you care to share?

Busy With R&R

20121028-194925.jpgIt’s been a busy weekend. Kind of. I’ve been busy relaxing, out of the city.

But with the A&P show in Clareville this weekend, my weekend of relaxing wasn’t spent lazing about in the sun on my parents’ lawn. It was spent swanning around the show grounds, petting donkeys [insert ass joke here], and traipsing through poop. There was a lot of poop.
20121028-194940.jpg20121028-194947.jpg20121028-194954.jpgThere was also an extremely cute, hyperactive goat that butted the phone every time I tried to take a photo. I stood out like a real city-girl. But then I got the uncontrollable giggles and even the goat pretended not to see. Win.

My family also took me out to dinner at one of the restaurants in Masterton where we proceeded to stuff our faces full of tasty, tasty food. Weight loss fail. And my lil’ bro took the challenge of a garlic bread starter, a porterhouse steak with fries and a plate of BBQ pork ribs for the main course, and another garlic bread for dessert. There were no leftovers. Doggie bag unused. The wait staff checked in continuously. It’s probably safe to say someone won some cash on a little under the table wager.20121028-200656.jpgAnd as it I hadn’t pushed my luck enough this weekend, I went shopping for new jeans this morning. And found a pair. One size smaller than the last pair. Butt shot!
20121028-201250.jpg Now I’m back in Wellington (shot from the train above) nursing a food-hangover and a face of sugar-triggered pimples.

I’m going to go for a run tomorrow morning and nothing short of a natural disaster is going to stop me.

What’d you get up to this weekend?