Eyes Pried Open

This evening has turned out to be quite the culinary eye-opener. Though I do of course use the term ‘culinary’ loosely.
I spent the day pondering what I would do with the lamb chops defrosting on my bench once I got home. Which is to say, it came up at lunch and I forgot about it for most of the afternoon. I had never cooked lamb chops without a slow cooker before (and even then, I’ve only done that once).

I had no idea what I was doing.
But the meat had been free and I had to experiment sometime, right?

I boiled extra vege just in case.

It turns out that pan fried lamb chops in a reduced Indian(ish)-style tomato sauce is freaking awesome. And it wasn’t just the copious amount of garlic that did it. I must say, draining the fat half a dozen times before adding the tomatoes probably helped. Ew.

And I have leftovers for lunch. Score.

Will I make it again? I’ve got plenty of lamb in the freezer, including more chops, so I’ll probably try.
Will it work again? Knowing my luck, probably not.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, some damn-fine yogurt covered cranberries are calling my name…

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