Busy With R&R

20121028-194925.jpgIt’s been a busy weekend. Kind of. I’ve been busy relaxing, out of the city.

But with the A&P show in Clareville this weekend, my weekend of relaxing wasn’t spent lazing about in the sun on my parents’ lawn. It was spent swanning around the show grounds, petting donkeys [insert ass joke here], and traipsing through poop. There was a lot of poop.
20121028-194940.jpg20121028-194947.jpg20121028-194954.jpgThere was also an extremely cute, hyperactive goat that butted the phone every time I tried to take a photo. I stood out like a real city-girl. But then I got the uncontrollable giggles and even the goat pretended not to see. Win.

My family also took me out to dinner at one of the restaurants in Masterton where we proceeded to stuff our faces full of tasty, tasty food. Weight loss fail. And my lil’ bro took the challenge of a garlic bread starter, a porterhouse steak with fries and a plate of BBQ pork ribs for the main course, and another garlic bread for dessert. There were no leftovers. Doggie bag unused. The wait staff checked in continuously. It’s probably safe to say someone won some cash on a little under the table wager.20121028-200656.jpgAnd as it I hadn’t pushed my luck enough this weekend, I went shopping for new jeans this morning. And found a pair. One size smaller than the last pair. Butt shot!
20121028-201250.jpg Now I’m back in Wellington (shot from the train above) nursing a food-hangover and a face of sugar-triggered pimples.

I’m going to go for a run tomorrow morning and nothing short of a natural disaster is going to stop me.

What’d you get up to this weekend?

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