An Evening of Truths

It’s the last night of October which not only means there’s a tempting bowl of Freddos and toffee lollies sitting by my front door, but I have to tally up my running total for the month.  Because at the beginning of the month I set myself a goal100km.  By 31 October.

Honestly… I can’t have done more than 50km in the whole month.  6 of those were yesterday

I know why, too.  I’ve been distracted and haven’t been getting on the treadmill or outside nearly enough.  100km was very ambitious.  I knew that when I set the goal, but I didn’t think I would be that far off.

But I’m not giving up!  For November, I will set another goal.  But I won’t be so hard on myself (some call it being more realistic).

SO:  During November I’m challenging myself to clock up 70km.
If I accomplish that, I’ll bump it up for December.

After all, it’s about progress – isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “An Evening of Truths

  1. Ha, love that you have Freddos. We had to go out as the only thing we had to give trick or teaters was my Caramello Koalas, and I’d think twice about giving those to a real vampire and zombie let alone a 3ft high 8 year old dressed as one.

  2. 100km is a huge goal but even 50km is great. Look at it this way, 50km is better than none. I haven’t even thought about counting up how much I run, but with this post, I may just try this month 🙂 Such a great idea…

    As for freddo’s, treat size ones are only 53 calories. A small treat won’t hurt.. You could make it a reward if you make 70km this month 🙂
    C. x

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  4. I enjoyed reading through your posts (thanks for checking mine out!). Yes, it IS about progress. So many people cannot give themselves credit for all the progress they make – so key to continuing to move forward.

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