November Challenge: Day One

20121101-204752.jpgIt’s the first day of November and already I feel as though it will be far more productive than October.

I am going to achieve my goal this month – because it’s not only a much more realistic goal, but I’ve worked out a plan to ensure that I achieve it.

Today I clocked up 9.6km of the 70km goal total
. Almost 14% on day one? That can’t be right…

Yes, it was usual to cover so many km’s in a day. For me anyway. But it wasn’t too bad, and it didn’t take too long, either.

I spent half an hour on the treadmill running from Zombies (4km) and then walked home (5.6km). And I enjoyed it.

It was a good mix of pushing myself hard (speedy bursts from Zombies) and keeping my heart rate elevated, but steady (the walk home, including the numerous hills!).

So I might just do it more often, when I can get away from the office on time anyway.
And on the weekends I have a lot more time to play with.

It feels good. And I don’t think it’s just the endorphins talking.
I can totally do this.

What goal(s) have you set yourself this month?

7 thoughts on “November Challenge: Day One

  1. Thanks to you, I’ve set myself a 50km running goal. It’s hopefully a realistic goal. I’ve also set myself a goal to find something small to make me amile every day 🙂

    Good luck for your 70km

    C. x

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