Single Serve Apple Crumble

Looking to make something sweet and tasty that’s diet friendly and won’t have you munching through a whole family-sized batch? How about a one-person serve of apple crumble that you’ll be scooping up with a spoon in less than 20 minutes? Boom!

Single serve apple crumble
4 pro-points per crumble


    1 medium apple, peeled and sliced
    1 tsp brown sugar
    Cinnamon to taste
    1/4 cup rolled oats
    1tsp butter, softened

Mix your apple slices with the cinnamon and half of the brown sugar. Once the apple is well covered, layer the pieces in a small ramekin (or cup if you don’t have one).
Using your hands, mix together the oats, butter and the rest of the sugar. The oats should be crumbly (funnily enough) and the butter well distributed.
Once properly mixed, top the apple with the oats making sure that it’s spread evenly across the ramekin.20121113-190958.jpg
Bake for 10-15 min, until the apple is cooked through and the oats have browned.

Let it cool down if you must, then dig in!20121113-191448.jpg
Want some added yummy? Add raisins! Just remember to count the extra points if you’re tracking.

11 thoughts on “Single Serve Apple Crumble

    • The recipe comes in at about 230 calories.

      WW calculates pro points taking into account the amount of fat, protein and fibre in proportion to the total calories. So while 2 foods may have the same no. of calories, if the magic formula deems one to be ‘better for you’ it may allocate different pro point values. i.e most fruit and vege are 0 points to encourage greater consumption

  1. It is so interesting you posted this today. I don’t even particularly like apple pie, but just last night I decided to make a single serve apple pie; I had just peeled an apple to make apple chips and I neither wanted to eat the granny smith apple (too sour for me), nor did I want to waste it. I ended up dicing up the able very small spraying it with butter spray, and then mixing in 2 tbs of sugar free maple syrup,1 tbs of vital wheat gluten, and a bit of cinnamon. Your idea of adding oats on top to make it crispy looks like an excellent addition! 🙂

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