Up and at ’em, Sunshine

With little pre-bed prep for tomorrow, I’m ready to snooze through to 5:30am.

Here’s hoping the pointers you guys gave last time work! Of course, if all else fails I’ll have to put it down to this infographic (and my terrible self discipline).

2 thoughts on “Up and at ’em, Sunshine

  1. my sophomore year of college i started working out in the early mornings because of job/rehearsal obligations during the day and evening, and i haven’t looked back since! one of my favorite parts is how there is a very distinct group of “morning warriors” at every gym i’ve ever attended, and we become like a little club of slightly sleepy, very focused exercisers. : )

  2. I’ve tried the get up early tip and feel great after a 4am run, 30 minute bath soak and then breakfast all before leaving for work. But now its winter I seem to prefer to stay in bed!!

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