Supporting Our Boys

It’s the last day of November and the worlds’ Movember moustaches are at their bushy, prominent peak.

Sadly, my ability to join the charge and grow a mo’ is somewhat lacking. Instead, I look to make a decent donation to dashing lad with the best mo in our team at work. Rather than donating a little bit to everyone, I pool the equivalent of $10/person and encourage the guys to get a little creative (and competitive).

This year the competition was tough and we had a solid six man group with quality moustaches vying for the top spot.

Unfortunately, the wallet wasn’t big enough to extend the donations to a second and third place, so I treated the boys to choc-dipped choc-chip moustache-shaped cookies…
They went down well.

If you’re looking to do something similar, SugarBelle has a good recipe here, and you can find neat moustache cookie cutters similar to mine here.

Remember ladies, we don’t have to get hairy to support men’s health – get behind your men (though I whole-heartedly support any nagging needed to clear up these fuzzy upper lips come 1 December)

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