Travel: How Do I Pack?

Hi team  – I need your help.

I’m a couple of weeks out from my trip to the States and I’m starting to have to look at the more practical side of my arrangements.

What bag do I take?

At the moment I’m looking at a couple of suitcases – both I’ve pulled from my cupboard.


The pink one is considerably larger than the red one.  I took the red one with my to Europe on my last trip and came home with the pink one (with the red case inside).

The red case is perfect for picking up and carrying when I need to, but it doesn’t hold much once I get shopping.  I’ll probably need a decent carry-on bag to go with it – the striped bag on top of it at the moment is my gym bag.  Not ideal.

Logically, the larger suitcase is the better choice.  But I’ve got a couple of train tickets that don’t allow checked luggage.  I’ve heard that the States is generally quite relaxed about luggage requirements, but I don’t want to rely on it.  What do you think?  Can I get away with the pink one on the trains, etc?

Or would I be better off investing in one of these?  If so, how big do you think I should go?

3 thoughts on “Travel: How Do I Pack?

  1. It depends on where you are going–do you plan to walk a lot, take subways and cabs? Or will you be driven around a lot? Plus, if you plan on buying stuff while in the USA, I would go towards the ones on your link, as there is room to grow and it’s portable. It’s all up to you though!

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