Switching It Up

I’m feeling a little uninspired with my workouts of late. It’s very much a case of just going through the motions at the moment and that’s no fun. The thought of going for another run makes me cringe.

What’s something new that you think I should try?
I’d love to add something new to the mix to prevent this kind of dissatisfaction boredom.

My budget is limited (read: free is good).
I don’t currently have anyone to workout with.
And I’m leaving the country for a month an just under 2 weeks.

Should I just ride it out with circuits in the meantime and dive heart-and-soul into something new when I get back?

10 thoughts on “Switching It Up

  1. Hi Amy – replied to this via twitter then realised I had space here!! I’m launching an e-book in Feb that might solve your problem – it’s a heap of ideas to try in the gym or outside that liven up your workout when you’re bored – and would happily send you a copy for review on here. It’s pretty much ready now but I wouldn’t need any reviews to go out until Feb when it’s released. Let me know via DM on twitter if you’re keen – will need an email to get a copy to you.

      • I love them because they’re an 8 – 16 minute workout… done all on your own, and if you design your own – you can make them as targeted as you want. I did a lower body only workout and had trouble walking for 2 days after!!!

  2. MMA! Don’t laugh. I know, a lot of people see it still as a man’s world, but slowly women are taking over! Mixed martial arts is great – especially if you can find a gym in your area that does a MMA inspired workout vs. just jumping into MMA feet first. Also, jiu jitsu is a killer work out. I just did a class last night that still has me realizing how much more I need in the gym.

    Good luck with your search!

    • I would never laugh at that – its something I’ve always been interested in but thought I mightn’t be fit enough yet… I might have a chat with the women at the gym about the classes… Thank you!

      • MMA will meet you right where you are at. You will build strength and fitness as you go. Plus, you never get the same workout. Definitely check into it! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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