Amy Meets America: San Francisco Part I

20121227-162115.jpgSan Francisco pulled out a fantastic day today – there’s not a cloud in the sky, and the sun’s shining without any sign of hesitation. Of course, it’s still a little chilly but it’s not too different to the temperature at home in Wellington, NZ.

Say what you will about the hills, so far I’ve found San Francisco to be a very walkable city.
This morning I did a loop around from my downtown hostel to Nob Hill, and down to Fisherman’s Wharf via Chinatown. The hills were definitely steep in places, and I even tried jogging the steeper part of Mason St at one point. It didn’t kill me! I just regretted wearing so many merino layers for it.

You live and learn.

The highlight of the day was a 90 minute “bridge to bridge” cruise/tour of the bay. It was a well paced, casual ride and not too busy. I had a prime spot at the back of the boat for picture taking, too, which was great.

Dinner tonight with friends who are also in the city for a couple of nights, and Napa tomorrow (assuming the weather doesn’t pack it in completely)!20121227-162135.jpg

3 thoughts on “Amy Meets America: San Francisco Part I

  1. I drove through San Francisco once. Seemed like a nice city. Always wished I could go back there and actually check it out for a few days. Nice pics!

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