Amy Meets America: The Food Pt II

N’awlins food is good. Uh huh.

Hearty, flavoursome food that satisfies (in the most PG way, of course).
I was lucky enough to try a whole bunch of new stuff during my stay. I had my first gumbo experience on the first night, and tried gator on my second (and didn’t die!). A couple of years ago I would’ve turned my nose up at both just because they were different from what we had at home.

But that’s the whole point of travelling – new things, new experiences, new food!

I especially liked the fact that the flavours hit the spot and I found I was full well before half-way through my meal (the portions are still large, but I found I didn’t feel like I needed anything more out of the meal once I’d eaten a suitable serving).

The food is hearty, for want of a more appropriate word. And runs laps around burgers!

4 thoughts on “Amy Meets America: The Food Pt II

  1. That’s one of my favorite cities to visit. The food is amazing, and the partying is just as good! I hope you enjoyed yourself:)

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