Amy Meets America: Hoofing it to Brooklyn

Today: more walking! After a morning spent with an exceptionally endowed bull, I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot.

The day was clear, and sunny. It wasn’t too cold, and I spent the afternoon with my jacket open so I didn’t get too hot.

Any one thinking of walking/cycling the bridge, do it! It’s not just for the young and fit, either. I’ve currently got a very blocked nose and swollen throat (better now than this morning), and the clear fresh air made it easier to breathe.

Do it.
Just do it.


Amy Meets America: Views That Blew Me Away

It’s very windy – and very cold – 86 storeys in the air. So it wasn’t overly clear whether it was the weather, the views or the gorgeous Art Deco building that took my breath away.

It was a clear day, and we could literally see for miles in every direction. The photos a snapped just don’t do it any justice!