Amy Meets America: Magnolia Bakery

Okay folks, I have a confession to make. I actively sought out cupcakes from one of New York’s most famous bakeries. I know, I know, I’m going to weight loss hell.

Let me tell you now – it was totally worth it. I inhaled that thing like a fat woman eats cake. I mean…

Sure, I’ve had better (That’s what she said… Oh, burn!), but they are cupcakes! Pretty, pretty cupcakes. And the packaging’s pretty cute, too.

6 thoughts on “Amy Meets America: Magnolia Bakery

  1. Please for the love of whatever you hold dear have a cannoli, a slice of pizza, and a bagel while you’re here!

    You can get good cupcakes just about *anywhere*, but two of those things arguably don’t even exist outside of the tri-state area.

  2. Pizza in Italy is a COMPLETELY different creature from NY. If Chicago style is a fraternal twin Italian pizza is that other person that keeps coming up on Facebook searches when you put in your cousin’s name. The seem like a very nice person, sure, but not who you necessarily were looking to invite out to the family Christmas party. 🙂

    Much like the bagels a lot of it has to do with the minerals in the water (see also sourdough bread in San Francisco). Even if you make it the same way with all the same ingredients it won’t come out the same. There are pizzerias out of state that import NY water to get it just right.

    I couldn’t speak to the cannoli in Italy, I expect they’re probably *amazing*, even here you have to be pretty picky about where you go (go to Brooklyn). All I’m saying is you can *expect* to get a pretty awesome cupcake at a decent bakery anywhere in the US, not so much the other stuff. 😀

      • If you have a spare few hours and a spare, um, probably good chunk of bucks… a boat tour out of Chelsea Piers can be a pretty awesome way to see the city.
        Also if you’re flying out at night try to get a view out of the window as you depart, it’s one of my favorite things ever in the whole world.

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