Amy Meets America: Broadway, Baby

During my time in New York I’ve been fortunate enough to see three shows – both on and off Broadway – each completely different:

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Newsies
3. Avenue Q

For anyone even remotely curious about them, I’ve jotted some of my thoughts behind the cut. If you’ve seen any of them, please share your thoughts, too!

Phantom of the Opera

Of the three shows, this was by far the more ‘traditional’ of the shows, if there is even such a thing. The longest running show on Broadway, it packs a powerful punch. The cast are amazingly talented, and the costumes are gorgeous.

I definitely enjoyed the show, and would recommend it to others – but probably wouldn’t be my first pick.


I’ll be honest – until I arrived in New York, I had no idea what Newsies was. The hostel I stayed at was on 41st street, next to the Nederlander Theatre. Literally right next door. I could hear the ends of songs and the roar from the crowd at the end of each scene through the wall beside my bed. To say that it spoke volumes would be cheesy and lame. I will, however, say that it was highly persuasive.

I was seated in the first half dozen rows, right in the middle. I had the perfect view of the stage, and as soon as the first members of the cast started performing, my attention was well and truly captured. These guys were fantastic.

So. Much. Energy.
They even had the filthy capitalist in me hating the filthy capitalist!

It was a great show and one I would hands-down recommend to anyone, regardless of age or usual tastes in shows. It had a little bit of everything, and catered to so many different levels of understanding.

Avenue Q

Think Sesame Street. Now add coarse language and, erm, adult themes. There’s singing. There’s dancing. There’s full puppet nudity.

It is hilarious. And so well done.
It’s so funny because it’s all based on truth – they say what the politically-correct are hesitant to imply.

I loved it.

The songs are so catchy, I was humming them all the way back to the hostel and downloaded the tracks from iTunes as soon as I had an Internet connection.

Definitely my favourite show of the three, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s (even not so) easily offended.

What about you? Have you seen any of these shows? Have you seen any others that folks heading to New York should try and get tickets to?

I’ve got a ticket to the Book of Mormon in Chicago next week – sadly, the tickets that were available on Broadway were a little out of my price range. But I’m looking forward to it nonetheless!

2 thoughts on “Amy Meets America: Broadway, Baby

  1. I adored phantom and I also saw les miserables and ragtime. I hear lion king is fantastic! But I have always adored the phantom of the opera. I love the story, the songs, the music. I saw it in the original theater the pantages theater in Toronto and it was spectacular! The sattelite theaters that show it are good but not as fantastic as in Toronto.

  2. I took The Boyfriend to Avenue Q. It was his first time at the theatre and he loved it. Although admittedly he was more fascinated with the fact that you could pre-order drinks for the interval. I haven’t managed to find anything else I can drag him to since. I think we peaked.

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