The Arse Explosion

I’ve been away from home for almost three weeks now, and though I haven’t battled any cases of explosive diarrhoea as the title of this post would suggest, my butt is growing at an alarming speed.

Sure, I expected a little weight gain – I’m on holiday! In America of all places.
And my jeans still fit. The pair one size down from these ones (my most-read post to date, apparently posting pictures on your butt on the Internet gets clicks).

I will not get a muffin top.
At least, no more than I had when I left.

This is a perfectly achievable mini-goal to set myself. Just watch me achieve, doubters!

I will…

1. Opt for fruit and vege wherever possible. Not all meals must be bread-based, regardless of what’s dished out at hostels and in restaurants.

2. Water, water, water.

3. Walk when it’s not raining. I did it in San Francisco, I can do it in Boston, too.

4. Continue to wear jeans that fit. None of that finishes-half-way-up-your-crack business. Ick.

3 thoughts on “The Arse Explosion

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