Amy Meets America: Getting Comfy in Portland

After almost a month of staying in hostel dorms of varying quality, I was really looking forward to Portland and getting to stay in a pretty nice hotel. Gotta love those online early-bird sales.

After a last minute change of plans I upped my reservation at Hotel Vintage Plaza from just one night to two. Best decision I’ve made all trip. This place is great.

Sure, it’s got the basics that every hotel has – but it’s the little extras that had me grinning from ear to ear (and throwing myself onto the bed) within minutes of walking into the room.

They included a stuffed animal, suggestions for local jogging routes and robes that were so ugly that they’re actually gorgeous. The winning touch, though, was the note from Laura the housekeeper. See, it’s the little things.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Hotel Vintage Plaza, and by association the other Kimpton hotels, to anyone looking to relax in a new city. A++

7 thoughts on “Amy Meets America: Getting Comfy in Portland

  1. Welcome to my hometown! Make sure to go beyond tourist traps like Voodoo Donuts. While you’re downtown, check out Blueplate on SW 3rd & Washington for a great milkshake and diner lunch and Barista for the best espresso in town. Then get outta downtown and play! 🙂

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