Just Do It?

On the train from Seattle to Portland a little girl sitting at the back of the carriage sang the whole way. It was happy singing, the kind that makes you smile and get back to your book, rather than want to hurl a shoe in her general direction (note the use of want, if you ever actually acted on this you’d be a dick. She’s two. Jeez). Every now and then she turned to potty musings, breaking the lyrics about her mum and stuffed dog with the things she liked to do on the potty.

While I won’t share her actual lyrics, I will share the story it prompted from my neighbour.

My neighbour’s husband had always wondered what it was like for kids and using nappies (diapers), not remembering what it was like when he was it that situation. Afterall, who does?

So he and his mates wore adult nappies to a bar where they proceeded to drink beer until they couldn’t physically fit any more down. When the time came – and we all know what time that is – they all looked at each other, gave the eyebrow raise and a nod.

All used their nappies.
At the bar.
At same time

Grown adults.
Full bladders.

Of course, the diapers couldn’t hold it all. There was a massive mess and the group had made half a dozen puddles on the floor.

With wet pants and heads hanging low, the group left the bar leaving a dripping trail behind them.

So, if you have ever considered trying something similar…you might want to rethink that. The experiment has been done!

And if you haven’t… Giggle away! We did.

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