Running With a Buddy – Another First!

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the 13 experience oriented goals I set for 2013 was to run my first race. So I registered for the Wellington Round the Bays 7km fun run next month.

I will be running 7km in the sun, surrounded by people, in less than three weeks.

Until this morning I hadn’t run in weeks. Not since before I left for America on Christmas Eve.

This morning was, erm, hell. It was hot, fiery, uncomfortableness and I only made it 2km before I had to give up the treadmill for the bike. Disappointing, but my own fault.

I was never trying to break world records, but I’m going to have to pick it up a bit.

And I’ve got my first ever buddy run tomorrow night after work. I’ll be running along the waterfront with my workmate who’ll start with me in the race (though we’ll likely split at some point).

Ive never run with a friend before. I’m excited.
Here’s hoping we both enjoy it and want to make it a regular thing.

My lungs would certainly approve (eventually)!

8 thoughts on “Running With a Buddy – Another First!

  1. Having a work out buddy is fantastic!! It is the best way to stay motivated I think! And I recently went for one of my walks and actually called a friend on hands free as I walked and it was almost like we were walking together 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ll get back in your grove for the 7k, especially if you’ve got people to run with and egg you on. Already looking forward to the blog post to hear all about it :-).

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