Time For New Shoes?

I’m thinking it might be time to get a new pair of runners. I bought my current pair back in May and while they still look okay, they feel as though a lot of the support they once had has been beaten out if them. Especially in the heel and under the arches.

So, when the next pay cycle allows it, I’ll be investing once again in my fitness.

This time, though, I think I’m going to opt for a somewhat brighter pair. Lime green or orange anyone? Of course, you can’t pick a pair without actually trying them on first, but colour is important too!

If I was buying on looks alone, these would be the front runners:

Dragon Boating – There’s Been Progress!

The team had another training today and it went really well.

We’re getting better (well, our timing is anyway) and we had fun out on the water. It helped that the weather was perfect, and waves weren’t crashing into our boat like they have been want to do on previous training days.

Our uniforms have arrived – leftovers from the corporate soccer team in Singapore. Only uni-sex size ‘L’s left. Very baggy. Very… bright lime green. I love it!

But – and the only but at the moment – I’m pretty sure that I broke my butt in the bot this evening. Well, at least pulled something. Is that possible? Is there a strain-able muscle in my (very cushiony) caboose?

I’m currently walking around the house like someone kicked me really hard…

Our Next Miss Pin Up New Zealand

Anna Miranda
Ladies and gents, I’m about to do something you will rarely ever see me do – ask for a sneaky favour.

A friend of mine – the one and only gorgeous Anna Miranda (hi Anna!) – is competing for the title of Miss Pin Up New Zealand 2013. She is one of several beautiful, talented and deserving entrants. And leading in the online voting by only 10 votes – it’s so close!

So: the favour. I’m being cheeky and asking you to head over to the competitions voting page and check out the contestants. If you like someone more than the others – vote! If your favourite happens to be my dear friend Anna, then definitely vote for her!

This woman is a shining light of positivity and talent. She never has a bad thing to say about anyone, and she doesn’t hesitate to drop everything she’s doing to help someone who needs a hand.

Plus, she’s a stunner with an amazing wardrobe, and hearing her sing live has been known to send chills down my spine.

If we can help her win this, it would mean more than you know.
Please, just take two minutes to check out her entry.