Crazy Week Indeed

Yes, yes, I’ve been a little quiet here over the last few days.  Can you blame me?  I had to take advantage of the weather while it’s been all sorts of amazing , and there are so many people to see that I missed over the Christmas/ New Year break!

Don’t worry though, I haven’t been wasting my time.  I’ve been keeping as busy(ish)…

…there’s been plenty of reading in the sun…
…trying not to get sunburnt… and failing.

I’ve been running with friends…
…which I loved, even though it turned into more of a gossip session than a workout…
… and the next day I tried my first pilates classes (wearing the t-shirt, of course).

I’m still feeling the effects of Thursday’s class today.

I’ve been suckered into a friend’s dragonboating team…
…which is usually reserved for the fittest in any given workplace…
… and I’m terrified… and kind of excited (because there’s no way I’d get on the team at work…).

Enquiries have been made about opportunities to hurl myself out of a plane
… and I may be speeding back down to earth as soon as this weekend…
… even though I was just in the Wairarapa last weekend, for the Martinborough Fair, and I could have done it then.

And I have plenty to keep me busy coming up, too, but don’t worry about that just yet – I’ll make sure to share those goodies in due course.

What about you guys?
How is life keeping you busy? 
And how are you keeping up?

4 thoughts on “Crazy Week Indeed

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