Looking for a Lil’ Gym-Spiration?


Those of you already in the know will have been eagerly counting down to February, when Helen Foster’s (aka healthehelen) book ‘Gym-Spiration – 52 Ways to Wake Up Your Workout‘ goes on sale and we can finally share it with everyone else.

Helen’s book is one for everyone.

It’s helpful, practical and easy to read.  Not only that, it’s targeted at helping us with one of the few things we can all relate to – boredom.

Anyone can read this book and take something useful away from it.

The book offers 52 suggestions for ways to mix it up in your workouts, and oragnises them into a series of groups; ‘New Ideas For The Gym’, ‘HIIT It’, ‘It’s Time to Tone’, etc.  How you go about using the suggestions is left entirely up to you – and the book is better for it.

This book helped me get out of the rut I was in late last year when the thought of yet another workout was mind-numbing.  Does this sound like you?   I definitely recommend getting a copy.

I haven’t tried all of Helen’s suggestions yet – but I thoroughly enjoyed those that I have. Particularly the activity that’s described it the book as “Gym Stalk”, but perhaps that says more about me…

Over the next couple of months I will continue to refer to Helen’s gems as I make the most of what’s left of our summer and head outdoors.  So you’ll be hearing more from me as I test-drive some more.  Want to join me?  Grab your copy of the e-book.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s super, super cheap?
No? Well it is, so there’s really nothing to loose in checking it out for yourself!

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