Embracing New Experiences


I’m all set up for my first dragonboating training tomorrow. I’ve got my clothes packed neatly in my gym bag, and I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for what’s to come. Gah! What is to come?

I have new boat shoes – which are hideous, and surprisingly chunky, but at least they were cheap.

I have a bright pink shirt for good weather, and a bright orange long-sleeve shirt if it’s wet, so the coach won’t need to learn my name in order to yell constructive feedback at me when I’m doing it all wrong.

I have never even tried dragonboating before.
And I haven’t participated in team sports since high school (and even then it was a ‘social’ team, so winning was never a realistic goal).

I’m so close to messing myself it’s not funny.
(Did I mention that I’m trying to swear less, too?)

But regardless of the fear – the unknown – I’m excited. The kind of excited you get when you’re about to discover something for the first time.

Will I love it, or will I hate it?
Who knows. But I’m committed to this season and I’m totally in this thing 100%.

5 thoughts on “Embracing New Experiences

  1. Wow, that sounds brilliant! Wish I had something like that locally 😦
    I’m sure you’ll be too tired from the training to mess yourself. I’m really looking forward to hearing how the training session went and what’s involved.

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