Like A Duck To Water

Dragonboating is awesome.
I am complete and utter poop at it. I really did not take to it like a duck to water. But it is so much fun.

Remember how I had a little panic last night because I didn’t know what to expect? It so wasn’t worth worrying about.

The team is fantastic – everyone is welcoming, encouraging and genuinely friendly.
The coach did not yell at me, but instead was helpful and constructive in his instruction.
We raced another (much better team) and were beating them by 3/4 of a boat for a while.

The weather was not nice (understatement) and there were crazy waves (more accurate) out in the harbour. We were told we would be staying in the sheltered lagoon to practice our technique (the weather was too dangerous for n00bs). But by the end of the practice, we were out amongst the waves, boat almost sinking, and soaked to the core.

That was the best part.

I haven’t had that much fun with team sport ever. Sorry girls from my past netball teams; asphalt and short skirts just don’t cut the mustard.

And, apart from my butt, I don’t actually hurt.
Whether that’s a sign of okay technique, or just not trying hard enough, I don’t know. But I’ll take it.

One pointer I do have for anyone looking to give it a go: pack a towel.

You will get very, very wet. You will need to get changed into dry clothes. To keep these clothes dry, you must dry yourself before putting them on.

I did not realise this until I had my wet gear in a pile on the floor like this:
This is not a good time to realise that a towel would be helpful.

Yes, I took that photo in a toilet stall while air drying my birthday suit. No judgement, please.
Just remember your gosh-darn towel!

4 thoughts on “Like A Duck To Water

  1. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had it right, you really do have to know where your towel is 🙂
    So glad you had a great time. Does this mean you’re going back for another go or are becoming a permanent team fixture?

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