Alopecia: Why My Body’s Currently a Pain In The Arse

If I’m being honest, there are several things about having alopecia that I don’t particularly enjoy. Like the whole going bald thing. But there’s one thing that’s especially annoying – the extra cleaning jobs it makes.

It looks as though I’m at the start of another flare-up now, where hair will slowly shed and give rise to some more bald patches. In a couple more weeks I’ll have a better idea of what I’m dealing with.

But in the meantime, there is hair everywhere. On my pillows, blocking the shower drain, in my food, and offering a new layer of padding across the carpet in rooms I don’t even use. I can tie my hair up during the day to stop the crazy hair-spazz across my (and everyone else’s) desk – but it just means clumps of the stuff fall from my hair pins and ties when I let everything down at home.

Is it weird that I’m more annoyed at the extra cleaning than the actual hair loss? I guess it’s got a lot to do with the fact that I’ve accepted that hair loss will be part of my life for the foreseeable future – if not forever.

And it probably has a bit to do with the fact that it’s just hair.
But cleaning takes up time, and that is precious.

5 thoughts on “Alopecia: Why My Body’s Currently a Pain In The Arse

  1. I’m sorry you’re losing your hair, but I can totally see why cleaning it up is so much worse. I lose a lot of hair, and the worst thing is having it clog the bathtub drain… well, that and getting stuck in food you’re trying to serve others. Yuck, lol.

  2. Thanks for your post. I have a daughter who had a chronic illness when she was younger. I was always so proud of her strength and courage.

  3. I found first bald patch in june 2012, im now completely bald and my eyebrows are starting to go. My husband has been super supportive but its like I just can’t get over the shock of it all. 8 months ago I had beautiful long hair, it was my favorite thing about myself and now its all gone. My doctor has been awesome but none of the treatments we’ve tried have worked. Its so depressing! I don’t feel like myself anymore. I feel so lost.

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