Wellington Round The Bays – 2013 – 7km

Wow. First race run and it feels good.

The weather wasn’t as sunny and clear as it was forecasted to be – but the cloud cover and light rain actually made it a more comfortable run. And no sunburn!

Round the Bays was a sell out this year – 13,700 participants in a city of only 200,000 people (500,000 if you count the satellite towns). It was busy.
We started somewhere in the middle (or, the back of the runners). For those of you who ran too, we were between Spider-Man and Batman. Wonder Woman was a little too ambitious.

The 7km went surprisingly quickly – with plenty to motivate us along the way. There were locals with sprinklers, a jazz band, this guy and Dominion Post posters along the way.
Some of the corporate-sponsored t-shirts were pretty funny, too.

We crossed the finish line with the clock showing 54 minutes. Since we were so far back, I would estimate it closer to 52 minutes. But we won’t know the official time for a couple if days. Either way, it was under an hour and we walked a fair bit. I’m happy with that.

And, next year we’ll smash it.

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