Thirteen New Experiences for 2013: Update

We’re almost two whole months through 2013 already. The year is flying by, and I’m really enjoying it so far. A lot has happened!

And there’s steady progress being made with the ‘Thirteen New Experiences for 2013‘ I set out for myself last year. Two down, 11 to go.

  1. Run my first race
  2. Try a mixed martial arts class
  3. Try a pole fitness class
  4. Try a spin class
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Try a beginners/intro crossfit course
  7. Try a yoga class
  8. Try a pilates class
  9. Go bungy jumping
  10. Try indoor rock climbing
  11. Buy a bike
  12. Sign up for boot-camp style group training
  13. Try an aqua/pool-based fitness class

“1. Run my first race”

Completed this last Sunday with a 7km run ‘Round the Bays’ with a friend of mine from work. Our official time was 50:32 – not fantastic, but we’re happy with it! And we had fun which is the main thing.

As ‘Nev’ from never2late4 puts it, I’ve caught ‘the bug‘ and I’ll definitely be doing more races.

Another friend and I are signed up for the Round the Vines race next month (the day after the dragonboating competition…so it might be another slow one). Our packs arrived in the post yesterday.

And the Wellington Marathon is coming up in June – I’ll be signing up for the 10km run once our work team entries open.

“8. Try a pilates class”

I did this one a little while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, I haven’t been back since despite raving after the class that I would.

It was a well-paced beginners class held at the gym and I felt that I took a lot away from it.

And I certainly felt it in my core for the next couple of days – Pilates: It’s not for chumps!

So… What next?

Plans are in place to hit up a spin class next week (my legs are already crying), and I’m currently investigating bikes to buy (though I won’t be getting anything too fancy until I learn how to ride one!).

Bungy jumping is currently in the pipelines for May, and I’m waiting to hear back about possible dates for sky-diving.

I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated!

How are your goals progressing?
What have you got lined up for the next month or so? Anything exciting?

3 thoughts on “Thirteen New Experiences for 2013: Update

  1. Well, since you asked … HAHA!
    Completed my February challenge yesterday! Another 80km of running for the month! I am so glad you inspired me to do that kind of challenge. I have done it for the past 4 months and hit the target every month. I have now taken it as far as registering for a 19km running event for the Cancer Council which is in April and hoping to raise $1000 (if not, more!) 19km on my first event ever! Ekkkk!! You are the person that inspired me though, so I thank you very much Amy. 🙂 Keep up the tremendous effort, you never know who you are inspiring. 🙂

    Love, C. x

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