Too Much of a Good Thing?

Forgive me Friends, for I have sinned. I ate a lot of chocolate today. A lot.
And ice cream.. The real dairy stuff.

The worst part is knowing that I didn’t actually need it. Of course, I wanted it. Like, really wanted it. But now I’ve had it (we’re talking three rounds of excessive-ness here, not just three servings) I feel terrible. After the ice cream especially.



Why do we do this to ourselves ladies? (Noting that we don’t all eat our body weight in junk food)

What isn’t about chocolate that draws us in? Why – in my head at least – synonymous with comfort, love and food-hugs from the inside? If I could have chocolate’s babies, I’d probably be a mother of 12 by now.

What are some healthier alternatives to try curb the cravings?
I’ve tried opting for smaller servings of fancy, über dark chocolate, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference… I eat it all in one sitting anyway. My self control is seriously lacking!

9 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. I have super cravings like that too!!! Especially for chocolate! When I first ever tried clean eating, I had to wean myself lol like a freeking baby! and just have a wee chocolate fix everyday. Ofcourse this does’nt work for everyone, but it helped me 🙂

      • A chick I follow on FB has chocolate chips everyday on whatever breakfast or morning snack she has…and has still managed a 30kg plus loss

  2. I completely understand!!!! I am so glad someone as dedicated and successful as you still struggles. Last weekend was my birthday and I had cake. But it didn’t stop there, all week the evil voice in my head asked for more and I wasn’t so good at saying “no”.

    As others have said, the best thing I can do, to not go off the deep end, is to eat a little bit of chocolate or ice cream a day. I plan for it, I enjoy it and it ends at that moment. Sure there are still times when the moment lasts longer than others, but I find I have less insane times when I can’t control myself and eat tons of sweets.

    Good luck! And remember: No One is PERFECT.

  3. seems to be the season for it, I just rediscovered chocolate pop tarts. I wouldn’t mind so much but its not even decent chocolate.
    Im going to try some of the tips in these comments, some good ideas.
    Good luck with the weaning

  4. This happens to me somewhat often! Like once or twice a month I’ll go on a chocolate & ice cream binge from hell. Maybe this isn’t very encouraging, but I eat a little bit of chocolate or a small treat almost every day, and I still go off the deep end like you just did. Hormones, maybe? I think as long as you’re able to get right back into the game and reverse the damage done, then all hope isn’t lost.

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