Day One of Better Behaviour

Today I went a full day without chocolate. Or lollies.

The mid-afternoon slump around 2.30-3pm was almost unbearable, but I survived! A full day! And I plan to do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

In the interests of keeping all messages in this blog consistent with those on Seasame Street*, chocolate is “a sometimes food”, rather than something I should be eating a block of every day.

*this is not true, my blog farts in the face of wholesomeness and morals. But exercise is good. Learning to look after myself is even better.

2 thoughts on “Day One of Better Behaviour

  1. Nice work going without chocolate for a day. That’s quite a feat!
    lol Sesame street… C is for cookie, which I eat when I feel like it! Gonna go get 2 girl scout cookies now. :p

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