Kicked My Butt

After a series of hiccups, I finally got to try one of my new Jillian Michaels DVDs which arrived last week (sadly, still no sign on the onesie).

I decided to give her 30 day shred DVD a go first. Starting with level 1, of course. And it was exactly how I expected (and wanted) it to be. I was able to do everything she set out (with the exception of proper push-ups), but really felt it as I went. The heart was well and truly pumping after the first circuit and was kept right up there for the rest of it. I definitely got a workout!


I plan to hit it up again tomorrow, after dragon boating training. Go hard, or go home, and all that…

12 thoughts on “Kicked My Butt

  1. I love Jillian’s workouts because she always kicks my butt no matter how many times I do the same DVD. I think I’ve done No More Trouble Zones 100 times by now. The jury’s still out on her new Hard Body DVD. I’m still trying to decide if it’s as effective as her other workouts.
    OMG about the onesies. That is so funny! Are those supposed to be PJ’s or something? I’ve seen adult sized onesies at Victoria’s Secret. They even have the butt flap!

    • The DVD is Jillian and a couple of women demonstrating the moves to varying degrees. I think that though some of the moves seem to target women’s trouble areas (like the lower belly ‘pouch’) it’s not women-specific by any means.

      • Cool. I have trouble with my lower belly pouch anyway so maybe I need a more feminine workout 😛

        I like Jillian Michael’s style but I’m not sure if I’m cut out for the whole working out to DVDs gambit.

        I plan to try my luck with (the also very masculine) wii Zumba to see if I can comfortably sweat in my living room.

        Great post!

  2. I tried the 30 Day Shred along with running a few days a week and started to see a lot of definition. Personally my favorite levels are 2 and 3. You’re going to whoop butt after 30 Days…………Healthy Journey!

    • Yeah, I’m certainly glad I got them – and I haven’t even tried them all yet! If you find them on sale, my advice would be to just snap them up then and there 😉

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