Amy’s First Boot Camp Session

First boot camp training session done and dusted. And I definitely feel like I thrashed worked my muscles in the 45 minutes we spent on the Wellington waterfront.
It was dark at 6 o’clock this morning when we started, under the various street lights littering the park. It was still quite dark when we head off to shower and get ready for work. This will take some getting used to….

On the way to the session, I joked that I’d be happy doing anything but push ups. I hate push ups. They hate me, too. It’s a mutual loathing and I’m okay with that. Guess what the first test was. Yup, push ups. Followed by sit ups, planking, wall sits and the most successful beep test of my life.

To keep me accountable as I go along, here is where I ended up from the session –

  • BMI: 26 = overweight [insert blurb about how irrelevant a BMI measurement actually is here]
  • Beep test results: ‘good’ (above average) per the normative data based on age and gender
  • Push ups results: ‘very poor’ (lowest score) per normative data based on age and gender
  • Lower body wall squats results: ‘above average’, almost excellent!
  • Sit up test results: ‘above average’ based on normative data for age and gender
  • Plank test results: ‘average’ – right in the middle of the ‘average’ band!

So as you can see – there are a few areas to work on, mostly upper body and core which makes sense since I haven’t done much in the way of training these areas before now. It’ll be interesting to see how these change over the next couple of months.

The next session is on Thursday – boxing. I’m looking forward to it!

12 thoughts on “Amy’s First Boot Camp Session

    • It’s a test that has you running between two cones 20m apart, to the time of beeps. As you go on, the beeps speed up. It’s designed to measure your cardio fitness.

      Over here, high schools love to do them. For fat kids (like I was) its a special kind of Phys. Ed. torture!

  1. Well done on getting out there that early in the morning. Seriously impressive.
    How do they decide what is ‘average’ etc in terms of planking, sit-Ups. I’d be intrigued to do a self assessment πŸ™‚

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